AGWPJA全球藝術婚禮攝影協會 世界十大攝影師


AGWPJA全球藝術婚禮攝影協會 2017年度世界排名第一







…is an award-winning member of the Artistic Guild Of The Wedding Photojournalist Association (AG|WPJA)

The Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association proudly recognizes the accomplishments and creative excellence of Andy Ren. The following awards have been earned by Andy from the AG|WPJA. These achievements come with great merit considering the high level of competition that a member faces in the contests.

2019 v01 Artisic Guild:

1 Purple Medallions

Best Wedding Photographers in 2019 v01 Photography Competition:

1 Purple Medallions

2018 v04 Artisic Guild Wedding Photography Details:

      3 Purple Medallions & 1 Blue Medallions

2018 v03 Artisic Guild Wedding Photography Portraits:

2 Purple Medallions

2018 v12 Photography Competition

2 Purple Medallions

2018 v02 Artisic Guild Wedding Photography Details:

2 Gold Medallions & 1 Purple Medallions

2018 v01 Artisic Guild Wedding Photography Portraits:

1 Gold Medallions & 2 Purple Medallions

2017 Feb 1st Place – Details (Found)
1st Place – Wildcard Portrait
7th Place – Minimalism
16th Place – Minimalism
Jul 3rd Place – Engagement Portrait
5th Place – Ring Details
6th Place – Reflections
7th Place – Weather
9th Place – Ring Details
13th Place – Engagement Portrait
2016 Q3 14th Place – Reception
14th Place – Wildcard Portrait
Q2 1st Place – Ring Details
5th Place – Ring Details
8th Place – Ring Details
14th Place – Wildcard Portrait
17th Place – Getting Ready
Q1 1st Place – Details (Found)
2nd Place – Details (Found)
3rd Place – Ceremony
4th Place – Wildcard Portrait
2015 Q3 19th Place – Wildcard Portrait
Q2 5th Place – Emotion
Q1 1st Place – Wildcard Portrait
2014 Q3 2nd Place – Emotion
3rd Place – Details (Found)
8th Place – Emotion
8th Place – Portrait of the Bridal Party
19th Place – Portrait of the Bridal Party